Tclplugin Tclets
  Tcl/Tk   The Tcl Plug-in runs Tcl/Tk applicationets in the Netscape and other web browsers. The links on this page require the Tcl Plug-in.
  Mankala   Mankala is a game originally played who knows how long ago.
  Pencil   Pencil is a screen saver animation with many variations.
  Maze   Maze generates mazes for you to solve.
  Poetry   Magnetic poetry is a refrigerator magnet set simulation.
      Short is a very short Tclet, two words in fact. It shows that you can pass most of your tcl program in the <embed> markup itself. The rules are simple: 1) you can pass up to 1024 bytes in each of the ebedded args; 2) each embedded arg needs to be enclosed in single quotes or double quotes; 3) the characters <, >, &, and " should be represented as named entities in the quoted strings.

Roger E Critchlow Jr
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