To Play

The black rectangle is you, the oval is your destination.

You can navigate the maze with the mouse, or with the cursor keys. The space, backspace, or delete key will back up.

(If the keys don't do anything, you may need to click with the mouse on the maze a few times to get the focus set.)

You will leave a trail of black behind you as you move through the maze. If you backtrack, you will leave a trail of grey in the parts of the maze you have visited and abandoned.

The New button will draw a new maze at the same level of difficulty. The Solve button will attempt to solve the maze starting from the current position and going forward. You may need to help it out by backtracking or giving it a few tries. The More button will give you more of a maze to puzzle over, the Less button will give you less maze.

About Maze

The maze algorithm is taken from the one included in xlockmore, a screensaver for the X windows system. It really ought to be rewritten to use Tk for the maze data structure. There is a standalone Tk version of maze available, which isn't as well developed as the plugin version. The source for the Tcl Plugin version of maze is also available.

Roger E Critchlow Jr
Last modified: Fri May 16 19:39:58 MDT 2003