Miscellaneous Links

Links to web sites with more or less tenuous connection to elf.org.

Note that it's the totally unexpected cross-links like this that help to create the small world network that the web sites of the world form. Do your part to reduce the predictability of the web.

Links Emeritus

These were related links but they've since moved on

  • Canvas Cabins was Susie's attempt to revitalize the economy of the Okanogan Highlands region of Washington state.
  • Education For Life is another single letter typo. They now go under a new domain name: livingwisdom.org.
  • The Endangered Language Fund is an organization that wanted the elf.org domain, one of three who have offered to buy it. The other two were a local environmental organization in Michigan, and an e-mail list reseller from Southern California who thought that pretending to be the Earth Liberation Front would generate a lot of fresh e-mail addresses.
  • Yogama Barbara was my yoga teacher.