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Doodle Fan Mail

None of my projects have generated as much ongoing response as Doodle. That's probably because it had one bug which everyone needed to tell me about, but there were also some nice things said. These comments cover several years and several continents.

I just loaded your Pilot app. Doodle ver 0.2 today. Great program! [ ... ] I used Dinkypad and Scratchpad and your program has the most features.

What a great little program! I love the italic pens - it's fun to "doodle" with them during boring teleconferences. It's great for practicing calligraphy.

Just wanted to tell you how much I like the Doodle program. I feel that the drawing algorithm you use is much faster and smoother than the one that DinkyPad (another amazing program!) uses.

I've been looking for an excuse to remove my Dinky Pad. Thanks to your new "doodler" program I've been able to do that. A suggestion for future updates. Could an animation or auto-scroll feature be applied? This would allow for the pages to advance from 1 to ? I am happy to use my scroll buttons for now. If any change will cause problems leave it alone.

I love using your version of this graphic program for the Pilot. I really don't need all the 'bells and whistles' of DinkyPad and Scribble and ScratchPad are just 'not the ticket'.
This really fits my needs and I trust that it does for many other Piloteers.
Thanks again for the program. I'm looking forward to the next update.

doodle is more than great (the italic pen makes caligraphy possible - and since Arabic is such an artistic language to write, it suits me perfectly)
DinkyPad doesn't allow such good caligraphy, plus the virtual canvas business maybe an advantage but not such a big one, because u don't even need to make a command stroke on your app, just write 'N' and u got more space..
really roger, thanks a million for writing a good app...

I have been using your doodle program on my pilot and love it. You have done a great job of making things simple an efficient.

Just found your shareware. Nice. Love the Pilot and the drawing fills a need felt when I gave up the paper daytimer.

Just wanted to let you know I love Doodle. I draw cartoons and Doodle has the perfect feel for it.
Thanks a lot,

Great Program!!!
It is nice to see a tight little functional program in todays environment of sloppy code writing and gluttonous memory usage.

I have to say Doodle is excellent - and very small. Holds multiple doodles.

Again, kudos on the great idea and program. If I can be of assistance, please tell me how!

Love your Doodle, I think it's one of the best Pilot paint programs, with features designed by somebody who thinks more like an artist than a programmer.

Recently I have downloaded Your programm Doodle 0.6. This is very useful programm for me and You are the great programmer. What about a new version the Doodle?

Doodle is pretty amazing and I've found it's great for practicing my calligraphy. Thanks for a pretty useful product.

I have been playing with as many of the pilot drawing programs as I can find. Yours is by far the most intersting. I especially like the empty page feeling of the program. Reading your notes, I agree with your ideas about the ink pot feeling. You seem to have done some work to on getting the feel of the inkflow correct and smooth. Many other prgrams have a very jittery line.

I just wanted to let you know that I really like Doodle (version 0.6). It is fast, easy, and small. Keep up the good work.

I work as an architect and I'm finding your Doodle Program quite useful.

I've tried most of the available drawing programs for the Pilot, and your clearly came out on top, thank you.

Wow! Great app! Wow! I just downloaded every sketchpad, doodlepad, and paintpad I could find on the internet and tried them all out. Yours is the one that's staying on my Pilot. No contest.
Thanks for a great little time-waster.

Just wanted so thanks you making such a nice prog (now that I found the PCX converter.)
So, Thanks!

Althogh many pen draw programs have few handy features like new page when scrolled before 1st or beyond last page, or even with hardware button, graffiti text in clipboard capture etc, still I think doodle makes THE BEST pen write thanks to its medium smooth option. So have I decided to assign Doodle to 4th hardware button.

While looking for a small drawing application for my new palm pilot I came across doodle - and found it very useful. At this point: thank you for providing it as freeware.

I've been running doodle 0.6 for several months now and have found that it has the best drawing engine that I've found to date for the PalmPilot. The smoothing capabilities you've included are incomparable for speed and ease of use. The user interface is fast and intuitive (though the pen tip selection and ink selection sometimes slows me down a bit, since there are so many options). Its main strengths are intuitive user interface, drawing quality (no jumpy lines), and drawing speed.

I'm hoping this is still the right address for the person who wrote the excellent pilot applet Doodle.. Great stuff! I tried a few drawing applets, but Doodle is the simplest and most elegant to use. I make sketches for animations, it's so easy. Thanks! I did manage to loose the documentation that came with the .prc. If Doodle is shareware I haven't payed my dues yet - sorry.

Doodle is great.
Did you know compared to other handwriting programs, Doodle makes the most beautiful Chinese characters.

By the way I just wanted you to know your program is great :-)) Keep up the great work.

"Doodle" is the greatest program I have ever seen. OK, I may overstate it a bit, but it is a fun utility that couldn't be more intuitive to use.

I am new to palm Pilots and i was after a drawing package. i think Doodle is pretty neat. I like the clear page .

I would first like to say how much I like "Doodle". I have also Dinky pad and sketch pad, but Doodle is the one I always end up using most. It offers the best tools for real drawing. I am doing picture-records of botanical specimens in the field, with great satisfaction.

I downloaded "Doodle" from Ray's Pilot Archives. I didn't get any documentation or registration files with it, just the *.prc app fill. I can't find any registration/shareware info in the app itself. However, I figured an app this good could still be shareware. Do I owe you anything if I keep using it, or will my comments and suggestion (very few) suffice? Let me know. If you want my suggestions, I'll send them.
Two things I REALLY, REALLY like:
1.Very small size--AWESOME!!!!!!!
2.Smoothing of writing--It makes my signature look soooooo much better than DinkyPad!!

Just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I love the Doodle program for my Palm Pilot. It is EXACTLY what I was looking for - someplace that I can write text on the fly without having to worry if my Graffiti characters are right.
Nice job!

I really love your program. Its the best doodling program I have had so far.

I like doodle v0.6 very much. Thanks for making it!

I am so happy to find a later version of Doodle from 0.2, which I have happily been using on a Palm 5000 for four years.

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