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The Doodle Gallery

The doodle gallery is open to anyone who has the urge to expose their doodling to the world. Simply submit your images to the proprietor.

juggler animation

An animation by Rick Li, who wants more animation support and has been asking for it since June, 1999.

He also was lucky enough to be the one to ask if Doodle could be made to work on color displays the very week I started doing it, so he got the first positive answer.


Some doodles by Jeremy Dennis, a cartoonist who lives in England, who also sent this link to an issue of her weekly comic strip, a collection of doodles made by artists attending Caption, an alternative comics convention held in Oxford, UK.

She says: "It's a great thing to cover up awkward pauses in social situations with cartoonists."

dancing robot animation

One of a collection of animations, Copyright (c) Erik van Blokland,

I'm not sure why the robot dances sideways, perhaps it's tipsy?


A doodle by Dan Crandall, whose father worked tirelessly to get it uploaded.

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