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Buy Doodle

You understand that Doodle is free, but you are so impressed that you have decided to join the select few who can tell their friends:

I got this program for free, but it was so good that I paid for it anyway.
And why not? Why should all of your software purchases lead to dismal relationships which leave you thinking you ought to be paid for suffering through them? You are free to purchase Doodle when you feel it has earned it, and it is up to you to decide when that happens.

The button at the left will take you to PayPal where you can make the payment of your choice in US Dollars, Pounds Sterling, or Euros.

If you are new to PayPal, you may earn a $5 bonus for signing up, so a $5 purchase might not cost you a penny.

But don't waste your bonus on Doodle if you aren't absolutely sure it's worth it.

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